Why I'm so passionate about resilience

Improving Resilience is like a survival kit for your business.  I work with you to ensure your people have the right tools and skills to use during an emergency or disruptive event and enable you to recover successfully.  

I've gained my experience and knowledge from helping some of the UK's biggest corporate names to develop and manage their business continuity plans; so I'm armed with a toolkit to help you plan ahead and save yourselves, your employees and stop your lifestyle being affected by the stuff that happens in your business....


I have always been fascinated by the effects different events have on organisations, its owners and the people that work day in, day out within it.  The first time I can remember being interested, I was about 12 years old and I was on holiday in a place we had been many times before and I noticed the local chip shop had some bad press.  I wrote to them and offered my view on what they could do to improve their business to help them survive.  They didn't carry out any of the improvements I mentioned and within a year they had closed.

For small businesses, it is often reported that 80% of them fail after a major event such as a fire, loss in a major client or even bad press.  And of those that survive, only 25% make it past the first year.  These figures have been reported for years with little evidence to thwart it.  But statistics aside, if you start thinking about your local businesses, restaurants or shops, it is more than just the people within that building that are affected when something disrupts the day to day business.  Whole lives and lifestyles change overnight.  Relationships are tested and money becomes a huge concern.

There are so many possibilities if a business had a plan in place BEFORE disruption hit and I often wonder what I could have done to have helped them.

So, it is my mission to ensure every small and medium sized business within my local area will be able to weather any storm and I will help them by giving them the tools and knowledge to survive.

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